Like you, I worked hard in my professional life to advance and succeed. After a full day at work, I walked in the door and worked harder to meet my responsibilities at home. I was not only exhausted, but unsatisfied. Was this success? Not having enough energy or time to enjoy my life became my burden.  I wanted to be able to spend more quality time doing things I enjoy with my family, friends or just by myself. As I started talking to others about it, I realized that so many people are in the same situation. The obligation to “do it all” cost them the most precious pieces of life; family-time, social outings with friends, much needed down-time or exciting adventures. I decided it was time to create a business that would provide clients with extra time! The reality is, Concierge Lifestyle offers members “me time” by providing services that check errands off their To-Do list.

As a small business owner and skilled and experienced customer service professional, my members receive the time, expertise, and care they deserve.
Experienced: My professional background provides a perfect foundation for me to realize and outline clearly organized, efficient and creative solutions to uniquely common frustrations.
Reliable: Throughout my career I have developed strong, lasting and useful relationships with a great number of reliable professionals. They offer a variety of services and products, giving me the ability to address a broad spectrum of service requests for my clients.
Dedicated: As a customer service professional, a US Army veteran and business owner I understand that well-maintained relationships and communication are the keys to my members’ satisfaction and Concierge Lifestyle’s success.

“My goal is to strive for excellence by providing a reliable and competent concierge service which will allow my members to have the spare time they need to enjoy whatever it is that they love and want to do.  I aspire to help as many people as I can, and to live up to my namesake, "Sandra", the meaning of which is ‘Helper Of Mankind".